Gabriel’s First Patrol!


Getting ready for his first patrol!


On Tuesday the 8th of December 2015, Gabriel Mithika embarked on his first official HPT Patrol. We planned for it to be a short and relatively easy patrol to ease him into his new role. The first part of the ride was normal and Gabriel said he enjoyed being away from the base and seeing all the amazing scenery! It was a beautiful day and Mt. Kenya was out in all it’s glory.


Just as we were returning home, Martin spotted a Grey Duiker in the bushes. However, the duiker was acting strange and didn’t attempt to escape. After deciding that it must be injured the team decided to try and catch it to see what was wrong. The duiker came easily and could hardly put up a fight! It was clear that the animal was struggling to breath so the decision was made to try and get it to the vet. We rushed back to the base with the horses while Martin and Pius carried the duiker gently by hand. Gabriel got more than he bargained for on his first patrol as we cantered nearly the whole way home. He said that at first he was very nervous but he soon began to enjoy himself – “I trusted the horse!”


The duiker was rushed to the vet but unfortunately there was nothing that could be done as nobody could work out what the problem was. He died early on Wednesday morning.

Gabriel says that his hands on experience with the wildlife of Mt. Kenya really cemented his decision to become part of the team. He looks forward to many more patrols to come!

Martin Pictured here seeing to the duiker!20151208_103426


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