The Horse Patrol Team Mascots

Meet Mountain Bull and Mt. Kenya Defence Force!

These two dogs actually used to be poachers’ hunting dogs and were confiscated following a raid on an illegal poachers’ camp.

These dogs were extremely aggressive and skittish when they were rescued and it seemed at that point the only option was to put them down. However, the guys on the Horse Patrol Team absolutely refused and made it their personal project to rehabilitate the dogs.

At first the dogs were extremely shy and preferred sleeping outside on the ground rather than inside in their baskets and refused any human contact or affection as it wasn’t something they were used to. However, gradually (encouraged with lots of bones and treats!) the dogs learned that the rangers were friends and began to become more confident.

Mt. Kenya Defence Force is the more confident and welcoming of the two. Mountain bull is still very shy and he tends to keep his distance, especially from strangers.

“We love having the dogs around to keep us company and seeing them become more and more friendly is very rewarding” – Gabriel Mithika, HPT Member.

Unfortunately, the dogs can never go out on patrol because they were trained to hunt and kill wild animals such as small buck – the opposite of our aim! As a result of their old age, it is not possible to train this out of them and so now they remain at the stables throughout the day and night acting as Team Mascots as well as security!  Their rehabilitation is still ongoing but has been and will continue to be a successful process!



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