Meet the newest member of our team – GABRIEL MITHIKA!


Gabriel is a 37 year old from Tigania West in Meru. He was recruited by his friend Gelvas, already an HPT member, having never heard of the Mount Kenya Trust.  Previously self-employed, Gabriel spent time riding donkeys but the idea of riding something larger and less stubborn than a donkey appealed to him greatly!

Since joining the trust he has come to admire the work they do here greatly and although him and his family miss each other, the work he’s doing makes his family proud and he loves his job! He is currently undergoing some riding lessons to ensure his ability is good enough for negotiating the tough terrain and potentially dangerous situations out on patrol, but he says;

“To ride is the best!!”

Gabriel’s favourite animal used to be a cow but now he says it is definitely a horse, although he loves all wild animals! “Horses are good because they help make you strong”, says Gabriel.

Motivation: He feels that his work in conservation is important so that future generations will be able to view and enjoy the wonderful wildlife we have today. Also, Kenya’s natural environment brings in a lot of revenue from tourism and has the potential to bring in even more therefore benefiting Kenya’s economy. “We need to get rid of the poachers!!”


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