Stop Press!

The HPT had a visit from The Laikipian newspaper last week. Here is the story from the team in the local conservation paper:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 13.18.31

According to John Kinyua, a horse trainer working for Mt.Kenya Trust horse patrol team, every day the team searches for new tracks belonging to intruders, and they check for snares to entrap wild animals, which they demolish and report to the Trust managers and the Kenya Wildlife Service.

‘’In a typical day we are able to spot three to four snares, which we demolish,’’ says Mr. Kinyua.

Mr. Gelvas Mwiti, who is part of the horse patrol team, says since potato farming was allowed at the Mount Kenya forest,   planting of snares to trap wild animals has been on the increase. He adds that poachers use wire snares to entrap the big game like Zebras with snares made out of rope twigs to entrap the smaller game. At the other extreme very large twisted metal and rope snares are even used to trap and kill elephants for ivory.

Gelvas says that the meat is then usually transported to nearest trading centers like Timau and Ngushisi for sale.

The team tell us that apart from patrolling the forest, the horse patrol team is also partakes in educating the local community on dangers   bush meat poaching poses to the mountain ecosystem.

To read the full story click here.


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